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From the President: Update on Vision and Mission Open Forums

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the Vision and Mission Steering Committee conducted Open Forums on five draft vision and mission statements in early March. We had a total of 215 individuals participate, mostly faculty (84) and staff (110). The process was collaborative and inclusive and modeled democratic engagement.

Since that time, we have collated the data, created word clouds for each version highlighting key words, and convened to talk about next steps. At this time, the Steering Committee is taking your feedback and creating a single draft vision and mission statement which will be, again, shared with the university community. The next step is for review with the Executive Leadership Team.

All of this information can be found on the Vision and Mission Committee Updates page. The Open Forum Results document captures how many times each word or phrase was selected by a group indicating that they liked—or did not like—that word or phrase. For your reference, we had a total of 34 groups participate. The committee will be developing the final draft based on this feedback.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


A. James Wohlpart
On behalf of the Steering Committee

Elvin Delgado, Former Faculty Senate Chair
Jonathon Henderson, Exempt Employee
Missy Davis, Classified Employee
Madeline Koval, ASCWU
Jessica Murillo-Rosales, Alumni representing Graduate Students
Jeff Stinson, Provost’s council
Jennifer Dechaine, Academic Department Chair Council
John Vasquez, Student Success
Lauren Hibbs, University Centers
Laura Dahlby Nicolai, Athletics
Sigrid Davison, Equity
Wendy Iwaszuk, Foundation Board/Alumni/Community member