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From the President: Update on Values and Strategic Plan Framework

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for the rich feedback on the draft values and strategic plan frameworks. We had 43 offices, departments or groups complete the process, with over 500 participants—including more than 160 faculty, 220 staff, 40 administrators, 60 students, our Trustees, and our Foundation Board members. The overwhelming consensus was for us to pursue Model II, with some important feedback for revisions.

The Steering Committee will meet on Friday, March 31, to develop a final version of the values and framework to share with the university community. The next step is to refine this final version and to develop actions, initiatives, and indicators of success. Once we decide on how to operationalize this final step of the process, we will be back in touch.

The feedback from the university community will be loaded onto the Committee Updates page of the Vision and Mission website soon.

We are nearing the conclusion of a two-year collaborative and inclusive process to develop the Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan that will guide CWU into the future. I greatly appreciate everyone’s participation and involvement.

If you have questions, anyone from the Steering Committee would be happy to assist.


A. James Wohlpart


Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan Steering Committee:

  • Missy Davis, Classified Employee
  • Jessica Murillo-Rosales Davis, Alumni representing Graduate Students
  • Laura Dahlby Nicolai, Athletics
  • Sigrid Davison, Equity
  • Wendy Iwaszuk, Alumni/Foundation Board Member
  • Elizabeth Brown, Academic Department Chair Council
  • Elvin Delgado, Former Faculty Senate Chair
  • Jeff Stinson, Provost’s Council
  • Jonathon Henderson, Exempt Employee
  • Luis Reyes, ASCWU President