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From the President: Update on REP4 and Reorganization

Dear CWU community,

As we wrap up a busy academic year, I want to thank everyone for their participation in our journey back onto campus and out into the future, with new Vision and Mission statements and, eventually, a new Strategic Plan.

I write to you today with an update on the REP4 initiative and information on a divisional reorganization.

Thank you to so many faculty, staff, and students who reached out to me and others about the opportunity to join the Rapid Education Prototyping for Change, Learners, Community, Equity (REP4) program as an institutional anchor. I heard from offices, programs, and individuals across the university about the exciting work you are already doing that would connect to REP4.

I have also conferred with several groups about this initiative because if we take on a prominent role like this, it should be a project that permeates the institution. What I have heard is concern that the work we are already doing that might connect with REP4 would need to shift, even if slightly, to accommodate something new. At this point, I do not know if we have institutional resources to provide to this initiative—primarily because we have not yet developed our Strategic Plan.

As a result of the questions that remain and the fact that we should allow our Strategic Plan to drive new programs and projects, I have deferred joining this network as an anchor. If we decide we want to pursue REP4 in the future, after we have completed our Strategic Planning process, we will do so. Clearly, the work of transforming public higher education and building new, inclusive pathways for diverse learners resonates with us.

As you may remember, Andreas Bohman left Central Washington University to pursue a career at the University of Washington. Since he left, Rick Duffett has provided very strong leadership for the Division of Operations as Interim Vice President. Please join me in thanking Rick for his continued support and assistance.

In thinking about the future of CWU and how we can take our work to the next level, I have heard repeatedly a need for us to elevate our focus on Institutional Effectiveness (IE) and Information Services (IS). The IE office is currently housed within IS as the members of these two offices work closely together. And Information Services is located within the Division of Operations.

In order to provide the university with a stronger focus on institutional effectiveness and technology, we will be moving both the IE and IS offices from the Division of Operations to the President’s Office.

The offices that remain in Operations include Police and Public Safety, Capital Planning and Projects, Campus Planning and Facility Management, Sustainability, and Project Management. Those offices will continue to report to Rick Duffett as an Interim Associate Vice President and will be moved into the Division of Business and Financial Affairs. This will eliminate one division and one vice president position at CWU. In the coming months, VP Joel Klucking will work with the offices in this newly formed division to consider a new structure.

If you have any questions about the REP4 initiative or this divisional restructuring, please let me know.

Be well,

President Jim Wohlpart's Signature

A. James Wohlpart
CWU President