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From the President: State of the University and Phase II of Strategic Planning Reminder

CWU President Jim Wohlpart

President Jim Wohlpart is requesting your presence at the November 4 State of the University address and subsequent Strategic Plan workshop.

Dear Colleagues,

Just a reminder to request Wildcat Tickets for the upcoming State of the University address and Phase II Workshop for Strategic Planning. The address and workshop will occur on Friday, November 4, from 9-11 a.m. It is important to reserve your seat for this event as we need to know how many individuals will be in attendance for the Phase II Workshop. 

During the workshop, we will share draft Values and a Strategic Plan framework based on the feedback we receive from Phase I of this process. At this point, 70 offices or departments have requested Strategic Plan Task Packets from Dania Cochran. If your office or department has not yet done this, please note the packets for Phase I are due Wednesday, October 19; we are only accepting packets from offices and departments, not from individuals, as this is intended to be a collaborative exercise.

Thank you for your dedication to helping make CWU a model learning community of equity and belonging. I look forward to working with each of you to create a strong and vibrant future for Central Washington University that is committed to the success of every student. 


A. James Wohlpart