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Message from the President: Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan Update

Dear Colleagues,

In early September, we created an inclusive committee to facilitate the development of a new Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan for Central Washington University. The university’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan will drive our resource allocations, programmatic decisions, and direction. This kind of initiative will be new to CWU, so your participation in the process is essential. The Steering Committee has met twice in order to develop a collaborative process for gathering feedback from the university community, and we are ready for the next step in the process. 

The Steering Committee has finalized its own CWU definition for a vision and a mission, which will guide its work. 

  • A vision statement is an aspirational, memorable, future-oriented statement that is big and bold enough to propel the university forward. It should inspire the members of the institution to strive for their dream (what they would like to see the university be) and constituencies outside the institution to support that dream.
  • A mission statement captures the university’s core purpose and inspires the consistent, high quality, and intentional actions by which the vision will be achieved. It guides strategic planning and decision-making.

The Committee has also developed survey questions for the campus community to gather your thoughts on what our vision and mission should be.

Please complete this survey or copy and paste the following URL in your browser:

Members of the Steering Committee will take feedback from the survey and draft several vision and mission statements, which will be shared during open forums, currently scheduled to occur between November 15 and December 3. Again, your participation in this process is critical to its success. 

For information on the Steering Committee membership, its charge, the process, and our timeline, please visit the CWU Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan development web page.

We look forward to your participation! If you have questions, please let me know.


Jim Wohlpart