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Yakima Music en Acción

(1) YAMA/OIC Letter of Application; (2) Learning Agreement to the Cooperative Education Department and YAMA Director; (3) In-person interview; and (4) Washington State Patrol Background Check Form. All forms should be received by and no later than December 12 at 5pm PST.
VISION: Yakima Music en Acciٕón (YAMA) will serve as a model throughout the Yakima Valley and Washington state as both a music program and a social program that fosters educational innovation and musical creativity. YAMA strives to be accessible to all children, regardless of their families’ financial means, so that all of Yakima’s children can have the opportunity to develop their passions and talents and to play alongside one another—across socioeconomic and cultural divides—in harmony and in unison.

YAMA fosters the essential cognitive and social skill development of Yakima’s children and youth through intensive, ensemble-based musical programming. Through high-quality music learning and regular performance opportunities, Yakima children and youth develop skills to promote and sustain their own academic and social success, while simultaneously enhancing community vibrancy and civic engagement through their positive community participation.

YAMA Teaching & Learning Interns will work as part of YAMA’s dynamic team of Teaching Artists to design and run a high-quality, socially-driven music program in Yakima, inspired by Venezuela’s internationally-acclaimed El Sistema. Interns will support student’s musical and social development by teaching in YAMA’s 40-piece String Orchestra (3rd through 5th graders in pilot year). Curriculum and workshops will be collaboratively designed by staff, and will include string sectionals, music theory, full ensemble rehearsals, and bucket drumming.

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