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College of Arts and Humanities

Winter 2014 Programs

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January 52:00 PMMissy Newman, piano recital
January 114:00 PMMusica Antiqua
January 148:00 PMBrian Coyne, cello recital
January 167:00 PMVoice Studio recital
January 227:00 PMDenise Dillenbeck & Nikolas Caoile
January 264:00 PMFaculty Wind Quintet
February 28:00 PMFlute Studio recital
February 22:00 PMMikaela Johnson, flute recital
February 24:00 PMElizabeth Hile, flute recital
February 26:00 PMAlec Keith, flute recital
February 37:00 PMBrennan Baglio, graduate conducting recital
February 47:00 PMBassoon Studio recital
February 58:00 PMJacob Gilman, percussion recital
February 67:00 PMFlute Choir recital
February 82:00 PMKVYO Concert
February 87:00 PMOpera - over the top
February 94:00 PMBruttany McEachran, voice recital
February 107:00 PMConvo 2
February 127:00 PMKairos Valentine's Concert
February 196:00 PMTuba-Euphonium Studio recital
February 222:00 PMStephanie Miller, guest flute recital
February 224:00 PMMichael Pittman, bassoon recital
February 225:30 PMNick Maupoux, senior trombone recital
February 227:00 PMDaniel Schreiner, composition recital
February 228:00 PMCameron Guerrero, trumpet recital
February 231:00 PMJohn Pickett, faculty piano recital
February 233:00 PMPatrick Cavanaugh, bass trombone recital
February 247:00 PMConvo
February 256:00 PMTrumpet Studio recital
February 257:00 PM String Studio recital
February 277:00 PMNite of a 1000 Saxophones
March 112:00 PMMartin Pittis, bass recital
March 12:00 PMTara Loth, voice recital
March 14:00 PMSarah Hemmenway, voice recital
March 16:00 PMEmily Salisbury, voice recital
March 18:00 PMJesse Anderson, trombone recital
March 22:00 PMSubin Bak, senior project piano recital
March 24:00 PMChoir Concert
March 26:00 PMHorn Studio recital
March 36:00 PMBrian Bull, trumpet recital
March 37:00 PMChamber Orchestra Concert
March 47:00 PMWind Ensemble Concert
March 57:00 PM

Symphonic Bands Concert

March 88:00 PM

Rebecca Singer, voice recital

March 92:00 PMJoette Dunnihoo & Laurie Trescott, voice recital
March 94:00 PMAlder Street Quartet
March 97:00 PMDorothy Stone & John Pickett
March 98:00 PMStorm Woodyard, percussion recital
March 107:00 PMConvo
March 127:00 PMBrass Choir Concert
March 137:00 PMComposition Studio
March 147:00 PMClarinet Studio Recital
March 1512:00 PMGrace Bergman, violin recital
March 152:00 PMHayley Stephenson, horn recital
March 154:00 PMAn Afternoon of Jazz
March 157:00 PMAn Evening of Jazz
March 162:00 PMCurtis Recor, voice recital
March 164:00 PMSymphony Orchestra
March 176:00 PMPrep Strings concert


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