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College of Arts and Humanities

Winter 2005 Programs

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January 57:00 PMJohn Pickett and Friends
January 87:00 PMA Farrell Piano Recital
January 94:00 PMConcert of Twos
January 117:00 PMChamber Ensemble Showcase
January 197:00 PMMusic Department Open House Showcase
January 217:00 PMAn Evening of Oboe
January 287:00 PMJonathon Fickes, junior guitar recital
January 292:30 PMAmanda Wilkerson, junior bassoon recital
Febuary 17:00 PMJoel Thoreson, violin recital
Febuary 37:00 PMIn-choiring Minds: J.S. Bach
Febuary 47:00 PMGuest Pianist: Dr. Peter Mack
Febuary 56:00 PMMelissa Thompson, junior flute fête recital
Febuary 58:00 PMBeth Erickson, sophomore flute fête recital
Febuary 62:00 PMFlute Fête Studio Recital
Febuary 64:00 PMKristin Wakkuri, senior flute fête recital
Febuary 97:00 PMVocal Jazz 1 and Brass Central
Febuary 107:00 PM2nd Annual Trombone Club Auction
Febuary 117:00 PMVocal Chamber Music: Sacred and Profane
Febuary 124:00 PMJamie VanBuskirk and Jeff Vogel, joint trombone recital
Febuary 134:00 PM"All About Love", Second Sunday Faculty Recital Series
Febuary 137:00 PMJohn Pickett, faculty piano recital
Febuary 157:00 PMString Studio Recital
Febuary 167:00 PMDaniel Lipori, faculty bassoon recital
Febuary 177:00 PMNicholas Ashton, guest piano recital
Febuary 227:00 PMTrombone Choir
Febuary 2712:00 PMJesediah Allen, Bass-baritone recital
Febuary 274:00 PMJames Durkee, faculty guitar recital
Febuary 277:00 PMBrass Choir
March 17:00 PMTrumpet Extravaganza
March 55:00 PMMargret Gries, organ demonstration recital
March 67:00 PMSymphony Orchestra
March 87:00 PMTransformations, percussion ensemble concert
March 97:00 PMComposers' Concert
March 107:00 PMWinter Choral Concert
March 117:00 PMGuitar Ensemble Concert
March 12 3:00 PMNich Sutherland and Stephanie Miller, joint senior recital
March 125:00 PMJennifer Apparius, senior voice recital
March 127:00 PMJazz Nite 1
March 135:00 PMHorn Studio Recital


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