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Trombone Choir

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The CWU Trombone Choir.The Central Washington University Trombone Choir provides an excellent means for developing basic trombone skills, including cueing, blending, projecting, phrase architecture, tuning, combating performance anxiety, as well as interacting and communicating with others in a positive and constructive musical fashion.  A variety of trombone chamber music experiences derive from the Trombone Choir, and they include: Mass Trombone Choir, Chamber Trombone Choir (1 per part), Trombone Quartets, and the Jazz Trombone Ensemble (with rhythm section). 

Membership in the CWU Trombone Choir is open to both trombone majors AND non-music majors.  Perhaps most importantly, participants gain not only musical enjoyment, but also camaraderie. 

To hear the CWU Trombone Choir, please visit our Trombone Studio Recordings page.



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