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Student Audition Information

Close up of student playing violin

Admission Auditions are required for acceptance into the Music Program and are required for all music majors, minors and students interested in private lessons. The audition is also used as a basis for awarding music scholarships.


About The Audition
Auditions at CWU are designed to enable the faculty to ascertain your potential for success as a music major in your intended degree area. Do not think of it as a concert performance, but instead as an opportunity to demonstrate your skill level and musicianship. Of course, you should show to your best advantage, so it is recommended that you prepare for your audition under the guidance of your current music teacher. Bear in mind that the standards for a Performance degree and an Education or Composition degree may be different. 

Audition requirements
Though specific audition requirements are found in your area's audition pages, general performance standards and repertoire expectations for the CWU music program may be found on our Audition Entrance Standards pages. This is especially useful for transfer students who may be unfamiliar with the standards, and/or repertoire, expected at the various levels of study here at CWU 


Admission/Scholarship auditions for fall 2016 entrance will be held on the CWU campus January 14-15 2016, and in the Seattle area at the Des Moines CWU Campus (Highline Community College) on Saturday January 16th.

Register for an audition by submitting the online form. If our audition dates, have passed you by, a member of our department will contact you to set up your audition time. Though you may submit videos, we prefer live auditions. 

Recommendations are not required, but strongly encouraged. To strengthen your application, complete and return recommendations before or at the time of your audition. Please download and print the Music Program Recommendation Form and have your private instructor or teacher complete and submit it.

Your resume, repertoire list and other supporting documents may be submitted at the time of audition, but are not required. 

In addition to an audition, students should also expect to interview with Music Education or Composition faculty as a part of their visit to campus.

Apply to CWU
You are strongly urged to apply for admission to the University immediately. Please be sure to visit our admissions page for details on this process. Also remember that academic scholarships may be available. Please visit the University's scholarship web site for more information as well as the deadline date. Don't miss this application date!