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CWU Strings

Central Washington University is home to a spirited music community where each student’s unique blend of gifts is encouraged by our supportive faculty. With many performance opportunities, students refine their skills as soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians, while also having the freedom to experiment in alternative styles. The symphony and chamber orchestras deliver inspiring performances to enthusiastic audiences. The Kairos chamber ensemble in residence heads the string department's award-winning chamber music program. Come join our friendly, challenging team!

"My experience here has been amazing. Not only is the department incredible, the music faculty and students are really tight-knit. There are so many opportunities and chances for students to discover what they really want to focus on! I really can't imagine having a better first year!"
Heather McRostie Ray

"The string faculty at CWU in my opinion are wonderful examples of something that is rare; good teaching. This understanding is not only in terms of violin playing, but in the business, community, and teaching aspects as well. One aspect of the department that I especially appreciated was that, from the very beginning, Professor Rehkopf encourages getting to know and becoming friends with fellow students. The result is a wonderfully supporting and friendly atmosphere between students in the department. I feel very strongly that this non-competitive positive atmosphere is one of the reasons why I developed so well as a performer. I came into the department with Suzuki book six while sitting in the back of the orchestra, and after four years I left with the Tchaikovsky concerto while sitting concertmaster of chamber orchestra. During that time I made numerous friends and contacts that will last the rest of my life. "

Jeff Ball


"The professors at Central are truly exceptional -- they challenge you to expand your musical horizons and perception of sound more than you can imagine."
Heidi Foster

"One of the things I appreciate most about Central is the abundance of performance opportunities -- in student recitals, convocation, studio class, and community events. As a performance major, this really helps me practice being in front of an audience, which is primarily what I'll be doing throughout the course of my career. In less than two quarters at CWU, I've already overcome almost all of my stage fright! The small, close-knit music department and supportive faculty are great too."
Elyse Jacobson


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