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College of Arts and Humanities

Spring 2012 Programs

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March 286:00 PMCasey Felt, cello recital
March 297:00 PMDr. Hope Koehler, guest artist recital
April 14:00 PMMusica antiqua concert
April 52:00 PMTerrell Stephens, saxophone recital
April 66:00 PMJeff Johnson, guitar recital
April 72:00 PMKayla Hoots,  junior voice recital
April 142:00 PMKathryn Kibbe, viola recital
April 154:00 PMLuis Sanchez, guest pianist
April 177:00 PMAmerican Song recital
April 186:00 PMNicholas Delmedico, tuba recital
April 212:00 PMMicah Parker, voice recital
April 214:00 PMEli Blaisdel
April 217:00 PMEduard Zolberkant & Kairos Quartet
April 224:00 PMBrandon McClendon, voice recital
April 226:00 PMBrazil & Beyond
April 257:00 PMOrchestra Concert
April 267:00 PM Chamber Winds
April 264:00 PMHal Ott & Maria Roditeleva-Wibe, faculty recitalMay
April 29 6:00 PMAngela Curia, voice recital
April 298:00 PMEphraim Manning, senior project clarinet recital
May 16:00 PMLaurel Koran, viola recital
May 1 8:00 PM Brian Miles, violin recital
May 28:00 PMMark Goodenberger, "Mon Experience Paris"
May 46:00 PMJosh & Tom's farewell percussion experience
May 48:00 PMJeremey Ueckert, senior percussion project
May 52:00 PMLudmila Udodik, piano recital
May 54:00 PMVince Bigos, jazz recital
May 56:00 PM Robbie Rutherford, trumpet recital
May 62:00 PMTeri Snyder, graduate recital
May 64:00 PMHorn Studio recital
May 66:00 PMRebecca Phillips, clarinet recital
May 76:00 PMRebecca Bisson & Karl Koemmpel, joint recital
May 88:00 PMClarinet Studio
May 96:00 PMBlaire McNeillie, graduate trumpet recital
May 98:00 PMString Studio recital
May 106:00 PMAn Evening of Saxophone Quartets
May 108:00 PMFlute Choir recital
May 117:00 PMA Night At The Opera
May 122:00 PMAndrew Sorenson, piano recital
May 122:00 PMPrep Strings recital
May 124:00 PMHorn Studio recital 2; The Freshman
May 126:00 PMJohn Geiger, horn recital
May 127:00 PMA Night At The Opera
May 132:00 PMJohn Pickett & Denise Dillenbeck
May 136:00 PMKyle Unruh, senior violin recital
May 137:00 PMBrass Blowout
May 138:00 PMErin Cone, percussion recital
May 156:00 PMToby Oft, guest trombone artist
May 158:00 PMFlute Studio recital
May 166:00 PMKatie Davi, composition recital
May 166:00 PMBenjamin Peterson, graduate composition recital
May 178:00 PMNite of a Thousand Saxophones
May 186:00 PMChad Pepin, guitar recital
May 187:00 PMJazz Nite 1
May 1912:00 PMNicole Dayton-Van Patten, bass recital
May 192:00 PMRachel Riddle, piano recital
May 194:00 PM Sara Carroll, voice recital
May 196:00 PMMolly Tourtelot & Cassie Dickerson, joint cello recital
May 201:00 PMNatalie Neshyba, flute recital
May 203:00 PMClara Mannino, flute recital
May 204:00 PMChoir Concert
May 206:00 PMMegan Webster, flute recital
May 218:30 PMMorgan Pendon and his amazing friends 
May 228:00 PMJon Hamar, faculty bass recital
May 237:00 PMOtis Murphy, guest saxophone recital
May 248:00 PMAmanda Wheat & Chris Sousley, string and voice recital
May 257:00 PMGuitar Ensemble
May 286:00 PMPeter Gorak, viola recital
May 307:00 PMPercussion Ensemble
May 317:00 PMSymphonic Band & Symphonic Winds
June 1 6:00 PMRayla French, graduate horn recital
June 17:00 PMJazz Nite II
June 22:00 PMKVYO concert
June 24:00 PMKevin Lane, clarinet recital
June 26:00 PMJessikah Tisdale, voice recital
June 27:00 PMComposition Studio recital
June 28:00 PMKristina McLean, senior project voice recital
June 34:00 PMOrchestra Concert
June 36:00 PMBlyn Redden, voice recital
June 38:00 PMAaron Nix, asxophone recital
June 46:30 PMPrep Strings concert


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