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Spring 2011 Programs

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April 1 6:00 PMDongbin Shin, violin recital
April 21:00 PMTom Nobel, percussion recital
April 33:00 PMJoshua Gianola, percussion recital
April 32:00 PMBritt Dahlgren, senior percussion recital
April 67:00 PMBrooke School & Dr. Duane Funderburk, cello recital
April 87:00 PMNorthwest Horn Symposium presents Frank Lloyd
April 91:00 PMNorthwest Horn Symposium presents Northwest
Regional Horn Artists
April 97:00 PMNorthwest Horn Symposium presents Musica
Antiqua w/ Andrew Clark
April 104:00 PMNorthwest Horn Symposium presents a Gala
Finale Concert
April 107:00 PMDr. Roger Martin, guest flute recital
April 127:00 PMKathryn Kibbie, viola recital
April 157:00 PMBo Mendez & Shaina Shepard, vocal recital
April 162:00 PMErick Flaten, senior piano recital
April 164:00 PMKate Anderson & Jeremy Bennett, horn &
bassoon recital
April 174:00 PMOrchestra Concert
April 187:00 PMCasey Whitson, senior trumpet recital
April 207:00 PMMorgan Pendon, saxophone recital
April 217:00 PMEm 'n M's junior cello recital
April 227:00 PMStephen Beus, guest piano recital
April 239:30 AMRayla French, graduate horn recital
April 2312:00 PMHeather Thomas, senior percussion recital
April 237:00 PMNick Sokol, senior percussion recital
April 277:30 PMPiano Studio recital
April 287:00 PMDr. Wendy Mullen
April 297:00 PMParker & Flaten Winterreise
April 308:30 PMClare Bresnahan, senior violin recital
May 11:00 PMLauren Wenger, senior flute recital
May 13:00 PMSheri Oestrich, junior flute recital
May 14;00 PMSongs and Chamber Music of John Pickett
May 15:00 PMKathy Kim & Brandon Chandler, Joint flute
& Bassoon recital
May 17:00 PMFlute studio recital
May 37:00 PMBrass Chamber Music recital
May 47:00 PMKaryl Carlson, guest pianist and soprano
May 67:00 PMFlaten and Friens, Pops Concert
May 712:00 PMJanessa Lang, junior clarinet recital
May 72:00 PMMarina Christopher, senior bass recital
May 74:00 PMEvan Norberg, graduate conducting recital
May 76:00 PMWill Obregon, senior tuba recital
May 82:00 PMAndrea Armstrong, senior clarinet recital
May 84:00 PMMitchell Armstrong, jr. voice recital
May 87:00 PMAlex Abrams, masters cello recital
May 107:30 PMJohn Geiger, horn recital
May 117:00 PMString Studio recital
May 137:30 PMKris Curtis senior clarinet recital
May 1410:00 AMJanss Woldseth, senior bass recital
May 1412:00 PMMolly Tourtelot, cello recital
May 142:00 PMJacob Goforth, junior bassoon recital
May 142:30 PMPrep Strings recital
May 144:00 PMNicole Matthews, senior voice recital
May 147:00 PMJesse Pierson, senior piano recital
May 154:00 PMChamber Orchestra Concert
May 155:00 PMGavin Spurr, junior percussion recital
May 157:00 PMSarah Sokol, senior voice recital
May 178:00 PMBirkin Owart's sax quartet
May 186:00 PMHeidi Goheen, senior flute recital
May 197:00 PMSingle Reed Night
May 207:00 PMJazz Nite 1 with Terell Stafford
May 2110:00PMJason Prindle, super senior string recital
May 2112:00 PMEmily Maulden, senior violin recital
May 212:00 PMGianna Paiva, junior clarinet recital
May 214:00 PMNathan BeBolt, junior trombone recital
May 216:00 PMCallie Guntheroth & Sarah Schmidt, joint
junior string recital
May 218:00 PMPeter Gorak, viola recital
May 2212:00 PMDaniel Taylor, graduate piano recital
May 221:00 PMJessica Jasper, senior viola recital
May 222:00 PMDrew Minaker, junior saxophone recital
May 224:00 PMChoir Concert
May 227:00 PMHorn Studio recital
May 237:00 PMKyle Thompson, senior trumpet recital
May 257:00 PMPercussion Ensemble concert
May 267:00 PMWind Ensemble Concert
May 277:00 PMGuitar ensemble recital
May 305:30 PMChristi Wans, performance degree trumpet recital
May 317:30 PMJeremy DesChane, graduate piano recital
June 17:00 PMAnnual Brass Blowout
June 17:30 PMPiano Trios by Arensky & Brahms
June 27:30 PMSymphonic Band concert
June 37:00 PMJazz Night II
June 410:00 AMMarissa Link & David Lucas, junior clarinet
& saxophone recital
June 42:30 PMComposition Studio recital
June 43:00 PMPeter Prosch-Jensen & Kelli Taylor, joint euphonium
& trumpet recital
June 47:00 PMKevin Lane, jazz recital
June 48:00 PMGospel Choir concert
June 54:00 PMOrchestra concert and building dedication
June 57:00 PMMatthew Grey, trombone recital
June 66:30 PMPrep Strings concert
June 87:00 PMChristie Beard, senior violin recital


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