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College of Arts and Humanities

Spring 2005 Programs

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April 47:00 PMString Studio
April 104:00 PMKairos Quartet
April 127:00 PMAndrew Angell, junior percussion recital
April 157:00 PMDustin Jarred, junior voice recital
April 164:00 PMKelly Moore, viola recital
April 172:00 PMTaylor Kragness, percussion recital
April 174:00 PMNino Merabishvili, guest pianist
April 177:00 PMKatherine Geis and Daniel Grijalva, duet recital
April 197:00 PMSCI Concert
April 217:00 PMDr. Sarah Bahauddin, faculty oboe recital
April 243:00 PMMargret Gries, faculty recital
April 245:00 PMEric Armstrong, piano recital
April 257:00 PMSymphony Orchestra and Chamber Choir
April 267:00 PMMark Claassen, saxophone recital
April 277:00 PMJosh Howle, bass recital
April 287:00 PMRegina Yeh, guest pianoist
May 14:00 PMJennifer Greene, junior voice recital
May 17:00 PMAbraxas Quartet
May 47:00 PMGuest Artist Chamber Series: The Piano Quartets of Johannes Brahms
May 66:00 PMBryan Drassal, junior saxophone recital
May 71:00 PMErin Menke, junior flute recital
May 75:00 PMBrooke Logan, sophomore flute recital
May 77:00 PMVirginia Queeno, senior flute recital
May 83:00 PMNinee Petchprapa and Mando Surita, joint flute recital
May 85:00 PMClaire Marie Shriver and Friends, flute and piccolo recital
May 87:00 PMDerek Seaberg, bass trombone and Jessica Hiatt, flute
May 108:00 PMContemporary Chamber Players
May 117:00 PMHeather Hart
May 1412:00 PMHolly Hooper, voice recital
May 142:30 PMSuzanne Carr, master's flute recital
May 147:00 PMThe Not-So-Atonal Side of 20th Century Music (and then Sarasate)
May 151:00 PMRani Weatherby, mezzo-soprano senior recital
May 154:00 PMGuest Artist Chamber Series
May 167:00 PMSax Nite
May 177:00 PMAdam Pelandini, senior saxophone recital
May 20 6:00 PMLauren Rosenkranz, cello recital
May 207:00 PMJazz Nite II
May 214:00 PMEric Sumeri, composition recital
May 218:00 PMBenjamin Peterson, saxophone recital
May 2212:00 PMMike Edmondson, senior recital
May 222:30 PMAllison Calhoun, percussion recital
May 224:00 PMExaltations! Spring Choral Concert
May 228:30 PMHorn Studio Recital
May 227:00 PMAundrea Schmidt, violin recital
May 237:00 PMW. Joey Thornton, senior voice recital
May 247:00 PMBrass Blowout
May 277:00 PMStewart Merson, senior saxophone recital
May 275:00 PMJoel Thoreson, violin recital
May 307:00 PMMike Lewis, graduate percussion recital
May 309:00 PMFreshman Horn Recital
May 318:00 PMCWU Chamber Orchestra
June 17:00 PMComposers' Concert
June 27:00 PMCWU Symphony Orchestra
June 37:00 PMJazz Nite 1
June 412:00 PMStudent Brass Quintet
June 42:00 PMElizar Pagan, senior voice recital
June 44:00 PMValerie Freese & Delayna Packard, joint voice recital
June 46:00 PMShannon Ruiz and Friends
June 4 7:00 PMGuitar Ensemble
June 53:00 PMBenjamin O'Shea, gradutae trombone recital
June 55:00 PMElizabeth Christensen, seniot voice recital
June 57:00 PMLauren Quock, senior piano recital
June 197:00 PMSummer Choir and Wind Ensemble


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