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College of Arts and Humanities

Spring 2004 Programs

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Mar. 318:00 PMDiane Reich, faculty soprano recital
Apr. 28:00 PMAlicia Hickman, senior soprano recital
Apr. 35:00 PMSara Radke, senior soprano recital
Apr. 37:00 PMJames Durkee, faculty recital
Apr. 45:00 PMDelsin Thomas, trumpet
Apr. 48:00 PMChristopher Foerstel, viola recital
Apr. 67:00 PMJoe Koski, faculty tuba recital
Apr. 78:00 PMMark Babbitt, faculty trombone recital
Apr. 88:00 PMString Studio Recital
Apr. 98:00 PMStan Bock, guest trombone recital
Apr. 108:00 PMKerri Cardwell, horn recital
Apr. 138:00 PMChamber Choir
Apr. 175:00 PMMike Edmondson, guitar recital
Apr. 178:00 PMGreg Fryhling
Apr. 188:00 PMElyse Jacobson, violin recital
Apr. 208:00 PMAbraxas Quartet
Apr. 216:00 PMJames Henry, senior voice recital
Apr. 251:00 PMYoko Kan, clarinet recital
Apr. 253:00 PMAllison Calhoun and Taylor Kragness, percussion recital
Apr. 258:00 PMDavid Drassal, violin recital
Apr. 288:00 PMJohn Michel, Bach cello suites
Apr. 298:00 PMHeather Hart, sophomore violin recital
May 12:00 PMKristin Wakkuri, flute fete
May 14:00 PMLucille Rolfe, flute fete
May 17:00 PMVirginia Queeno, junior flute recital
May 23:00 PMErin Menke & Melissa Thompson, flute fete
May 25:00 PMEric Kiflawi, flute fete
May 27:00 PMJenna Treiber, senior flute recital
May 48:00 PMStephen Ellis, saxophone recital
May 58:00 PMJon Hamar, faculty bass recital
May 68:00 PMChamber Wind Ensembles
May 7-8All DayThe John Moawad Invitational Jazz Festival
May 91:00 PMDan Rainard, senior guitar recital
May 93:00 PMDavid Schultz, senior bass recital
May 98:00 PMThomas Evans, senior percussion recital
May 118:00 PMFred W. Mcilroy IV, voice recital 
May 128:00 PMEthos Quartet
May 148:00 PMViva l' Opera
May 151:00 PMLauren Rosenkranz, cello recital
May 163:00 PMKurt R. Schuchman, guitar recital
May 166:00 PMJames Alderson, euphonium recital
May 188:00 PMChamber Orchestra
May 188:00 PMMark Claassen, saxophone recital
May 198:00 PMContemporary Music Ensemble
May 208:00 PMSymphonic Wind Ensemble
May 218:00 PMJazz Nite II
May 225:00 PMHorn Studio Recital
May 228:00 PMJeff Snedeker and Friends, an evening of jazz
May 2312:00 PMTammi Sprenger, trombone recital
May 233:00 PMChoral Concert
May 238:00 PMJeff Lund, senior percussion recital
May 258:00 PMAdam Pelandini, junior saxophone recital
May 268:00 PMSpring Percussion Ensemble Concert
May 286:00 PMGuitar Ensemble
May 317:00 PMStacey Eliason, guest horn recital
June 18:00 PMComposer's Concert
June 28:00 PMSymphonic and Concert Band
June 38:00 PMBrass Blowout!
June 51:00 PMBrenden Smith, Farrell Merit scholarship performance
June 51:00 PMJames Ogburn, senior composition recital
June 58:00 PMClifford Dunn, graduate composition recital


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