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Admissions Auditions

For New Piano Students

In order to study Piano at CWU, you must first audition for the music faculty. This step is required to complete your acceptance into the CWU Department of Music program. This audition gives us an opportunity to hear the level you have achieved in your musical skills and it gives you the opportunity to discuss your development with collegiate instructors. Performance entrance standards may be found at the bottom of the page. For more details about the admissions process pleas visit our Music Program Auditions & Admissions page.

Audition Requirements

Audition requirements consist of two contrasting pieces to be performed preferably from memory. Chosen repertoire could include selections from the Inventions, Sinfonias or Preludes and Fugues of Bach, a Classical sonata movement of Mozart, Haydn or Beethoven, and/or a work by Debussy, Bartok or other Modern master.

Admissions Audition Registration

Before you can audition you must register for an audition time. Please visit our Music Program Auditions & Admissions page for further information. 

Contact the Music Department for more information concerning piano auditions.

  • Performance Standards, Piano

    The suggested literature below is applicable to transfer students wishing to enter at the 300 level.

    "The man who think he can
    and the man who thinks he can't are both right"
    - Henry Ford

    Junior level

    A memorized movement of a Classical sonata by one of the following:

    • Mozart
    • Haydn
    • Beethoven

    Contrasting 2nd piece, also to be memorized.