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CWU Pep Band

About the Ensemble

The CWU Pep Band is an auditioned group of up to 30 players supporting the men and women’s basketball teams and other special events. Auditions take place during fall quarter. Beginning 2021, the pep band will consist of the following instrumentation: piccolo, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, mellophone, trombone, baritone, sousaphone, guitar, electric bass, and percussion (drum set).

Although the pep band is not an academic class, students selected for the ensemble must adhere to a published performance schedule. The ensemble will have scheduled rehearsals during winter quarter and attendance is required. To assist, the season schedule is published in advance. Due to Covid-19, this schedule is currently still in development.

Performance Stipend

A performance stipend, which is unique and specific to the pep band, is available for selected participants. Students receive a stipend per event (performance/ rehearsal). Current rate of stipend is $25.00/performance/rehearsal. To be eligible for the full amount, members are expected to be on time for call-time and to remain present for the duration of the performance/event. Failure to comply will result in a reduction of the performance stipend. Additional information on reduction of stipend is described below:

  • Unexcused tardy for rehearsal, Reduction of $5.00
  • Unexcused tardy for performance, Reduction of $10.00

2022 Schedule

  • 1/3/22 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Practice
  • 1/7/22 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Practice
  • 1/8/22 4:00 PM, Women, Alaska Fairbanks
  • 1/8/22 6:15 PM, Men, Northwest Nazarene
  • 1/20/22 5:15 PM, Women, Saint Martin's
  • 1/20/22 7:30 PM, Men, Saint Martin's
  • 1/22/22 4:00 PM, Women, Western Oregon
  • 1/22/22 6:15 PM Men, Western Oregon
  • 1/29/22 2:00 PM Women, Northwest Nazarene
  • 2/10/22 5:15 PM, Women, Simon Fraser (B.C.)
  • 2/10/22 7:30 PM, Men, Alaska Fairbanks
  • 2/12/22 4:00 PM, Women, Western Washington
  • 2/12/22 6:15 PM, Men, Alaska Anchorage
  • 2/24/22 5:15 PM, Women, Montana State Billings
  • 2/24/22 7:30 PM, Men, Montana State Billings
  • 2/26/22 4:00 PM, Women, Seattle Pacific
  • 2/26/22 6:15 PM, Men, Seattle Pacific

Pep Band and & Covid-19

Due to COVID-19, students in this ensemble are required to wear masks that cover both the nose and the mouth when not performing. Uniform masks will be provided.

Please be advised that due to a potential reduction or cancellation of performances at live games, the total overall stipend for the quarter may be reduced.

About the Audition Process

Each member of the pep band must audition via electronic submission. Although you are encouraged to submit your audition materials before the deadline, submissions will be accepted through Monday, November 29, 2021 by 11:59pm. Please note, audition materials submitted after this deadline will be accepted at the director’s discretion.

Members should submit audition materials (video link) using the Pep Band Auditions Form. You will need to download the CWU Fight Song (PDF) for the audition. Please note, if you are using a YouTube link etc. for your submission, please ensure the videos are set to “unlisted” so your files can be accessed.

For questions please contact:
Dr. T. Andre Feagin, Director of Bands