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Orchestra Auditions

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General Info

If you wish to be considered for the Symphony Orchestra you will need to go through the audition process. Auditions are required for acceptance into all of the large instrumental ensembles. A faculty committee conducts these auditions near the beginning of each quarter.

The Symphony requires three rehearsals per week for winds and percussion students on Mon. 2:00 - 3:15 pm and Wed. & Fri. from 2:00 - 4:00, plus one hour of sectionals.


If you would like to audition for the Symphony Orchestra, please download and practice the excerpts posted on Audition Excerpts page. Each student is responsible for tempo, musicality, and style for each excerpt. It is strongly recommended that each auditioning student find and listen to recordings of the excerpts if possible. Ryan warming up for Carmina Burana at Benaroya Hall

If no specific excerpts are posted for your instrument or you just couldn't get the audition material in advance, you may choose sections from a solo or an etude as your audition material. It would be appropriate to perform a section that shows your technique and a slow section that displays phrasing, tone quality and musical expression. We suggest only that you choose carefully so as to present what you do well, not what you have yet to learn.

The Audition

  • No more than 10 minutes in length.
  • Wind players should sign up for the first hour of auditions when possible.
  • Audition excerpts should be available on the Audition Excerpts page four weeks prior to auditions.


Large Ensemble audition times will are posted on the Audition Schedule Page.

Class Information

Course #: MUS 277 (fresh., soph.), MUS 477 (jr., sr), MUS 577 (Graduate)
Class Times: M 2:00-3:15 PM and W, F 2:00-4:00 PM
Dr. Nikolas Caoile - Director

  • Two Course Line Numbers
    Although there are two line numbers for some classes or groups, it is the same ensemble. The lower course number (in the 200's) is for freshman and sophomores, the upper number (in the 400's) is generally for juniors or seniors. In the case of certain groups, the upper line number (in the 500's) is a number for graduate students
  • Add / Drops
    It is very common for singers to go through drops and adds to change the ensemble in which they have been enrolled. If you've signed up, you may drop one ensemble and replace it with another (if needed) - see your instructor for how.
  • Permission Numbers
    You will need a permission number from Dr. Caoile. There is no need to physically sign up for Orchestra before its first rehearsal. You are given until Schedule Change Period each quarter by the registrar's office to drop and add with no penalty. After that time the current add/drop fee is assessed.


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