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Music at CWU

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The Department of Music is a community of artists, scholars and educators dedicated to achieving the highest standards of musical knowledge, performance and teaching.

  • The department is committed to preparing students for careers in music, providing them with the skill to become knowledgeable and confident music educators, performers, and practitioners, enabling them to enrich the lives of the communities in which they live and serve. 
  • The music department also provides opportunities for the CWU students in general, to study music and to engage in artistic experiences as an essential part of their liberal arts education.
  • The CWU music department serves as a leader for K-12 music education and provides opportunities for the general public to experience music performances of the highest quality in a broad range of styles and genres.


The Department of Music will be recognized and respected for:

  • its commitment to offering a challenging curriculum and for maintaining a supportive environment,
  • the excellence of its student, ensemble and faculty performances in a broad range of styles and genres, and
  • the fulfillment of its motto: “Where Teaching is a Performing Art, and Performing is a Way of Life.”

Core Values:

As a community of practicing musicians and scholars, we believe that the Department’s mission is best realized when we emphasize:

  • Students: Hold each student’s greatest good as our primary concern
  • Integrity: Provide models of the highest ethical and moral standards
  • Teaching: Deem outstanding teaching to be the most important attribute of the faculty
  • Academics: Implement a rigorous curriculum in each degree program
  • Curriculum: Regard each degree program as equally valid, with no program intrinsically superior to any other
  • Learning Environment: Create an intellectually and emotionally safe environment in which students can learn, develop and mature
  • Diversity: Respect and embrace diversity in all its forms
  • Relevance: Respond creatively and thoughtfully to the inevitable changes of the fluid society in which we live

Strategic Objectives


The Department of Music at Central Washington University
is an accredited institutional member of the
National Association of Schools of Music.

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Dr. Todd Shiver, department chair.
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