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Former graduate assistant conducting the orchestra.Graduate Assistantship Positions

The music department has a number of Graduate Assistantship positions available each year. These assistantships are one year positions with the possibility of renewal for a second year. A combination of duties that may include teaching, coaching, assisting, conducting, and directing are expected of all Graduate Assistants, with 20 hours of duties per week assigned. The compensation package includes a stipend plus in-state tuition waiver, health center fee, and health insurance benefits. (A limited number of non-resident tuition waivers are available). For more information and current compensation figures, contact the CWU Graduate Office at 509-963-3101.

Possible Assistantship Duties

  • Piano: teach Class Piano. Accompany rehearsals. Assist with Piano area organizational duties
  • Choral: direct Lab Choir, direct a Vocal Jazz Ensemble, assist Choral area, including conducting & organizational duties
  • Jazz Instrumental: direct a large jazz ensemble, coach multiple jazz combos, assist Jazz area, including directing & organizational duties
  • Band: assist with multiple bands, including conducting & organizational duties
  • Orchestra: assist orchestra area, including conducting & organizational duties
  • Theory: assist with grading of theory homework, assist with ear training, lead tutoring sessions.
  • History: assignment grading, instruction, tutoring

Many of the above areas do not comprise a complete assignment. Therefore, duties which are compatible with the strengths of each candidate may be assigned from (but not limited to) the list below:

  • A combination of partial duties for two or more areas from the list above
  • Accompanying (piano)
  • Applied studio: technical and/or artistic instruction
  • Equipment inventory and/or maintenance
  • Methods courses: instruction
  • Theory: assignment grading, instruction, tutoring

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For more details on Graduate Assistantship positions, contact:
Dr.Nikolas Caoile
Associate Chair/Graduate Coordinator
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