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College of Arts and Humanities

Flute Choir

Flute | Dr. Hal Ott | Audition | Recordings

2008 CWU Flute Choir. The Central Washington University Flute Choir provides an excellent way for developing basic chamber music and flute section skills, including cueing, blending, projecting, shaping phrases, tuning, combating performance anxiety, and interacting and communicating with others in a positive and productive musical fashion.


# Flute choir students in recital hall In the ensemble, students become acquainted with the auxiliary instruments of the flute family from the piccolo to the contrabass, thus enriching their expertise as current and future performers and teachers. Membership in the CWU Flute Choir is by audition and includes both flute majors and non-music majors. Most of all, participants gain musical enjoyment and a feeling of camaraderie.


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