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College of Arts and Humanities

Fall 2015 Programs

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September 307:00 PMJohn Michel & Maria Roditeleva-Wibe, cello & Piano
October 44:00 PMJoseph Brooks & Anne Schilperoot, clarinet & piano
October 184:00 PMBeethoven & Brahms Trios
October 19 Kairos Quartet with lecture
October 207:00 PM Chamber Choir, Adios concert
October 218:00 PMNikolas Caoile & Martin Kennedy, two pianos
October 2412:00 PMMaria Crum, violin recital
October 256:00 PMJames Stern & Denise Dillenbeck
October 287:00 PMHalloween Concert
October 297:00 PMSugota Nag, guest artist
October 307:00 PMMusica Antiqua, Italians on the run
November 12:00 PMSabrina Juhl, woodwind recital
November 14:00 PMEmily Frodsham, flute recital
November 17:00 PMFlute Studio recital
November 34:00 PMNatalie Parks, voice recital
November 47:00 PMKairos String Quartet
November 712:00 PMRyan Fox, percussion recital
November 94:00 PMTrumpet Festival
November 107:00 PMFlute Choir concert
November 126:00 PMKoberson Trio recital
November 142:00 PMLeah Espinoza, piano recital
November 188:00 PMTuba-Euphonium Ensemble recital
November 207:00 PMPercussion Ensemble concert
November 212:00 PMYula Dzyubak, senior project piano recital
November 214:00 PMAn Afternoon of Jazz
November 217:00 PMAn Evening of Jazz
November 224:00 PMChoir Concert
November 226:00 PMHorn Studio recital
November 228:00 PMOsbaldo Chavez, senior project voice recital
November 235:30 PMTrumpet Studio recital
November 247:00 PMBrandon Button, junior trumpet recital
November 297:00 PMEmily Hurd, clarinet recital
November 305:30 PMComposition Studio recital
December 17:00 PMString Studio recital
December 27:00 PMWind Ensemble concert
December 37:00 PMBands Concert
December 47:00 PMAn Evening of Samuel Adler
December 52:00 PMLauren Causby, saxophone recital
December 54:00 PMWilliam Thornton, graduate voice recital
December 56:00 PMSamantha Ruiz, voice recital
December 62:00 PMMike Defuria, trombone recital
December 64:00 PMOrchestra Concert
December 68:00 PMTaylor Edwards, percussion recital
December 97:00 PMChristopher Fredrickson, trumpet recital


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