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College of Arts and Humanities

Fall 2011 Programs

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September 287:00 PMJill Whitmn, guest harpist & CWU Faculty
October 17:00 PMJames Durkee, faculty guitar recital
October 24:00 PMMusica Antiqua
October 94:00 PMJeffrey Snedeker, faculty horn recital
October 164:00 PMJoseph Brooks, faculty clarinet recital
October 186:00 PMOrchestra Concert
October 227:00 PMIntermontaine Bassoon trio
October 234:00 PMTchaikovsky Trio w/ Dr. Eduard Zilberkant
October 247:00 PMJazz Canvas
October 257:00 PMHalloween Concert
October 266:00 PMOctubafest 1
October 292:00 PMMatt Clegg, senior trombone recital
October 294:00 PMMonica & Amy's birthday trombone recital
October 296:00 PMOctubafest II
October 301:00 PMSheri Oestrich, senior flute recital
October 303:00 PMFlute Studio recital
November 18:00 PMDavid Hinckley, jr. trumpet recital
November 27:00 PMString Studio recital
November 36:00 PMAndy Mrozinsky, senior trumpet recital
November 66:00 PMDarin Kaschmitter: Heroic Beethoven,
piano recital
November 87:00 PMFlute Choir Concert
November 132:00 PMBrass Choir Concert
November 134:00 PMChamber Orchestra Concert
November 137:00 PMWilliam Wolfram, guest piano recital
November 187:00 PMSingle Reed Night
November 1912:00 PMCassie's junior cello recital
November 192:00 PMFrom the Mountains: Mark Weidenaar
Senior Recital
November 194:00 PMRyan Wickman, senior composition recital
November 198:00 PMGuitar Ensemble recital
November 202:00 PMFaculty Woodwind Quintet recital
November 204:00 PMChoir Concert
November 207:00 PMAlexander Rowley, junior horn recital
November 227:00 PMJazz Nite
November 297:00 PMWind Ensemble concert
November 298:00 PMCurtis Recor, junior voice recital
November 306:00 PMTrumpet Studio recital
November 307:00 PMPercussion Ensemble recital
December 17:00 PMSymphonic Bands concert
December 312:00 PMComposition Studio Recital 1
December 32:00 PMComposition Studio Recital 2
December 34:00 PMHorn Studio recital
December 36:00 PMJoshua Parrill, senior saxophone recital
December 37:00 PMKittitas Valley Youth Orchestra Concert
December 38:00 PMVanessa Moss, violin recital and
Mundana Trio
December 44:00 PMOrchestra Concert
December 56:30 PMPrep Strings Concert
December 97:00 PMJazz Nutcracker


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