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Learn to teach from the BEST teachers: your own students!

Why work for Prep Strings?
As many college students discover, hands-on teaching experience in a practical classroom situation is essential to becoming a good teacher. The service-learning organization of CWU's Prep Strings is perfect for college music students to further explore their career choices, make a positive impact on the local community, and perhaps even earn some lunch money! There is a variety of ways to work with and for the CWU Prep Strings Program, as you'll see below...

Volunteers are always welcome in the Prep Strings Program! Involvement as a volunteer ranges from playing parts during class (excellent for secondary-instrument string players) to direct teaching. It is highly encouraged that those interested in the program volunteer for at least one quarter before applying for a paid position.

Employment Opportunities 
Most paid positions for CWU students in the Prep Strings Program open up at the end of each school year, though when students leave mid-year (for student teaching especially), there are sometimes vacancies between quarters. It is highly recommended that CWU music students interested in a paid position with Prep Strings volunteer for at least one quarter before applying. Here is the hierarchy of positions in the program:

  1. Faculty Advisor (1 CWU Faculty)
  2. Program Administrator (1 Graduate Teaching Assistant)
  3. Ensemble Directors (4 CWU students)
  4. Coaches (10 - 15+ CWU students)


For More Information:

Dr. Bret Smith
Associate Professor of Music Education
Central Washington University
400 E. University Way, MS 7458
Ellensburg, WA 98926