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Dr. Wayne S. Hertz Concert Hall

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Our 600 seat concert hallCentral Washington University's 600 seat concert hall has raised the standard for universities across the country, Providing an unparalleled environment for musical performances. The "pure concert hall" is truly a remarkable space. After the premier opening by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra in October of, 2004, Monica Hardy stated "They all loved it." Performers said the sound was very clear and they had very good performer-to-performer acoustics.

Having been designed with a "no compromise" approach, every seat in the house provides incredible sonic detail. With adjustable curtains, reflection time can be altered depending on the desired acoustical effect.

Designed by Performance Architecture from New Orleans, the entire facility magnificently displays their commitment to excellence.

Concert Hall stage"The design concept for the pure concert hall was the idea that the undulating sails are symbolic of sound undulating through space and moving; it is dynamic," said Project Manager Monica Hardy of Performance Architecture, the associate architecture firm.

The aesthetic design behind the pure concert hall was one of intimacy. Performance Architecture wanted to "create spaces where you wouldn't feel like you were in a huge sea of seats."

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