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As a CWU music student, you will be immersed to unique learning environment. You will be surrounded by a diverse community, experienced professors, and a staggering ensemble experience.


Visit the links below to learn about our degrees offered.

Programs Offered

Bachelor Of Music       Masters of Music     Other Programs

Post-Baccalaurate Degree

The post-baccalaureate degree program is designed to serve students who already have an undergraduate degree in music, but wish to become trained and certified in music teaching.

Prospective students must apply to the University and audition for the music education faculty (see audition dates for information and dates). The degree programs above can serve as a guide for the post-baccalaureate student but decisions about what previous credits will transfer are made on an individual basis at the time of admission.

For more information, email Kirsten Boldt-Neurohr, our academic advisor.


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