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College of Arts and Humanities

Convo Scans

At least twice a quarter (mid term and the end) you will receive an updated report via E-mail. If you would like an update now, you can request one form Allen Larsen via email, or seeing him in his office (room 146)

Understanding your Attendance Scan Report

Below are two examples of typical attendance scan reports. Notice that both are reporting the same number of convos needing to be attended by the end of the quarter even though you can see that the Student B has missed one, where Student A has not. This is because convos are set in stone. Only one more convo is available to attend in the quarter of these examples, therefore it's not possible to "make up" a missed convo in a literal sense. What has happened instead is, in the case of Student B, 3 recitals were added to their "current  required" column. However, since Student B has attended 31 recitals, she is already ahead and these additional three "penalty scans"  have really not set her behind. As you can see, she does not need any more recitals between now and the end of the quarter to stay current, or in this case, ahead of requirements. Student A, however, has only attended 19 of the currently required 21 so you see that by the end of the quarter he will still need 5 recitals to break even.


convo scan report example

Points To Remember

  • Scan requirements for the quarter are added to your account at the end of the add/drop period.
  • The "By The End Of The Quarter" column only reveals what you need to avoid falling behind on attendance requirements.
  • Any extra recitals attended will carry forward to the next quarter.
  • Missing a convo adds 3 to your required scans total.
  • The Difference column reveals your "Current" status
    • Negative number indicate you're behind, or in debt.
    • Positive numbers indicate you're ahead, or have scans in savings.
  • It's best to avoid falling behind by attending recitals regularly.
  • Attendance requirements only apply to music majors, currently in attendance
  • Attendance requirement DO NOT apply or accumulate for the following:
    • Graduate or post bach students
    • Students while doing their student teaching
    • Students who are currently not attending



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