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Frequently Asked Questions for Choral Auditions

What is the best choir for me?

It is important for you, and frankly for the ensemble, to be placed in a choir which best matches your musical ability and vocal training. At CWU, there's a Choral Ensemble for everyone. Dr. Nicole Lamartine, or another director, will let you know their thoughts at the end of your audition or soon after. Placing you in a choir other than the one you auditioned for is done in consultation with you and only with your approval, of course.

How do I sign up for an audition?

Audition sign ups are done online only. The link will be on the site when it is active.

  • Try to take the earliest time available for two reasons:
    • Later times fill up and sometimes there is an overflowing demand the last day before classes start.
    • The earlier you go, the more time you have to plan your schedule, while Dr. Lamartine has more time to assimilate those who have auditioned into the choirs.

Do I have to be a Music Major to be in a choir?

Absolutely not! In fact, in some groups there are more non-majors than majors. All groups, including Chamber Choir, usually have non-majors among their members. If you like to sing, there's a CWU Choir for you!

Who must audition?

You must complete an audition only if you are considering Chamber Choir. You may simply sign up for choirs and come to the first rehearsal. If you choose to audition, you will be advised about whether the Wildcat Chorus, University Chorale, Vox Divina or Chamber Choir would be most appropriate - given your schedule, experience, course load, class conflicts, etc.

You are also welcome to contact the director of the group to either receive more information about the group or even to meet with them and let them hear you sing a bit (recommended if you have very little or no prior singing experience, or if you don’t know which part you sing.)

What do auditions consist of?

Auditions are relaxed, friendly, and nothing to be uneasy about. Auditions give us a chance to get to know you individually before the quarter gets underway.

What do I have to prepare?

Visit the Chamber Choir Auditions page for details.

When will results be posted?

Visit the Chamber Choir Auditions page for details.

What information do I need to bring with me?

  • Your student number
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • E-mail address

What if I've already (or I haven't yet) enrolled in a choir.

If you've already enrolled in a choir, please let us know. It is very common for singers to go through drops and adds to change the ensemble in which they originally enrolled. If you HAVE to sign up for a choir because of financial aid or other issues, sign up for a non-auditioned choir (not Chamber Choir.) It is both easy and normal procedure to drop one choir and add another during the first week of the quarter.

If you feel you only have one or two time slots free because of required classes, let us know that - in many cases, there are options of which you may not be aware. We try and balance voices and voice parts with your wishes and needs as best we can.

Also, be aware that there is no need to physically sign up for a choir before its first rehearsal. You are given a reasonable amount of time by the registrar's office to drop and add with no penalty .

  • You MUST be signed up for an ensemble – you may NOT take part unless you are on the roster. There are no exceptions.
  • If you HAVE signed up, you may drop one choir and replace it with another (if needed) - see your instructor for how.
  • If you HAVEN’T signed up for a choir yet, you may do so within the first week of the quarter.

If there are two course and line numbers. Which do I list?

Although there are at least two line numbers for each choir, it is the same ensemble. The lower course number (in the 200's) is for freshman and sophomores, the upper number (in the 400's) generally for juniors or seniors. In the case of Chamber Choir and University Chorale, the upper line number (in the 500's) is a number for graduate students.