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2005 Jazz Band Reunion
Wanz returns to CWU

Bass Studies

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Performance Opportunities

Issac Castillo playing the string bass.

Bass at CWU

The mission of the CWU string program is to provide a supportive yet challenging environment in which students can develop as artists. Traditional participation in string quartets, piano trios, symphonic and chamber orchestras, as well as numerous solo opportunities is supplemented with more innovative approaches of incorporating music into the fabric of everyday life.

A relaxed and fluid technique is considered a necessary preliminary to expressive musicianship: students are expected to maintain a rigorous practice ethic, working to develop technical mastery of their instrument. They are guided in the search to find their own musical voice, and afforded numerous opportunities to become comfortable expressing themselves in performance situations.

CWU string faculty photo. Through community outreach programs, students gain practical experience in using music to better our world.

CWU String Faculty