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Bachelor of Music, Performance

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Bachelor of Music: Performance
Vocal jazz pianist.

The Bachelor of Music with a concentration in Performance requires extensive coursework that includes courses of Applied Music, Music Theory, Music History, Pedagogy, Literature, Ensembles, and completion of both a Junior and Senior Recital.

Students pursuing a performance concentration may choose to study from a wide variety of specializations that include voice, piano, and all orchestral and band instruments. This degree is ideal for musicians dedicated to the pursuit of a professional performance career.

Admission to the Bachelor of Music Performance program is based upon audition and acceptance by the University.

Career Options
  • Orchestra Performer
  • Band Performer
  • Opera Singer
  • Solo/Freelance Musician
  • Studio Musician
  • Pedagogue/Private Music Teacher
  • Musical Theater Performer
  • Director/Conductor
Scholarly and Musical Admission Requisites
  • Must be accepted by university
  • Must audition into music program
  • Must satisfy music theory prerequisite requirements
Last Updated 6-24-15