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Bachelor of Arts in Music

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Bachelor of Arts Degree

Student Jay playing hornThe Bachelor of Arts in Music degree allows students to obtain extensive musical knowledge and experience in a liberal arts setting. Students pursuing a BA in Music complete extensive coursework that includes courses of Applied Music, Music Theory, Music History, Ensembles, and a broad array of general education subjects. This degree is ideal for those students wishing to major in music, but do not necessarily want to teach music in the classroom or pursue a performance career. Past graduates of Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music have gone on to teach in private schools, run their own private studios, work in Arts Management, and succeed in many other professions, both in and out of the arts.

Admission to the Bachelor of Arts in Music program is based upon audition and acceptance by the University.

Career Options
Scholarly & Musical Admission Requisites
  • Private school instructor
  • Teach own private studio students
  • Work in Arts Management
  • And more!
  • Must be accepted by university
  • Must audition into music program
  • Must satisfy music theory prerequisite requirements