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"Property of…" A Discussion About Street Art, Free Speech, and the Right to Public Spaces

What is public, what is private, and how do we define "free speech"? These and other questions "Property of..." Postersurrounding property rights and free speech will be the topic of a public conversation on Thursday, February 15 at 5:30 p.m. in the Dean Hall lobby.

Central Washington University's exhibition, Rewriting the Streets: The International Language of Stickers, on display at the Museum of Culture & Environment (MCE) through March 10, raises important questions about street art, the boundaries between public/private property, and the larger public sphere.

CWU and the community are invited to engage in a roundtable discussion that delves into the issue of "rights" of individuals versus the public. This event features an interdisciplinary panel composed of faculty members from across Central, including Xavier Cavazos (English), Cynthia Mitchell (communications), Chuck Reasons (law and justice), Rodrigo Renteria-Valencia (anthropology), and Elvin Delgado (geography).

Attendees will interact with panelists on a wide range of topics, from legal concerns about street art to current debates about free speech. There will be many opportunities to ask questions and take part in the conversation.

Given recent controversies surrounding free speech and the right to access public spaces, this discussion is both timely and conducive to bridging political and cultural divides.

The Museum of Culture & Environment is located in Dean Hall at 1200 Wildcat Way. Parking is free on the CWU campus after 4:30 p.m. For more information about this and other MCE events, please contact

Media contact: Dawn Alford, Department of Public Affairs, 509-963-1484,

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