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Museum of Culture and Environment

College of the Sciences

The Museum of Culture and Environment approaches our diverse and changing world with an interdisciplinary perspective, examining human life, culture, and our interaction with the environment. The Museum is located in Dean Hall on the Central Washington University campus.

Current Exhibitions

Telling Secrets: An Artist's Personal Journey Through Family Trauma

The Museum is sharing a powerful exhibit of Jane Orleman​'s work this Fall Quarter. This exhibit bears witness to a personal story of domestic violence, including physical, sexual, and verbal assault.  Some paintings depict injury and/or nudity. Art is emotionally powerful and you may experience many different reactions.

Shattering the Veil: Reclaiming Female Indigenous Identities (Dean Hall Lobby)

Monkeys Do... We Do Too? Studying Tibetan Macaques in the Valley of the Wild Monkeys (Window on Central)

Poster for Telling Secrets.

Upcoming Events


Thursday Dec. 5 at 5:30 PM

“Animals at Play”: A Talk by Dr. Jessica Mayhew

Since 2003, CWU primatologists (including Dr. Sofia K. Blue, Dr. Jessica Mayhew, Dr. Lori Sheeran, Dr. Lixing Sun, and Dr. Steve Wagner) have been partnering with primatologists at Anhui University in China in order to expand scientific knowledge about some of our closest relatives, Tibetan macaques. One of these researchers, Dr. Jessica Mayhew, studied how young macaques play. Join the MCE on Thursday, Dec. 5 at 5:30 PM as Mayhew explores play in animals of all kinds (including humans!): Why do animals play? How do you know when an animal is “playing”? Do animals only play when they are young? And what kinds of play exist?      

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.