Love in the Time of the Pleistocene, a talk by Dr. Joe Lorenz

Thursday, Feb 13, 2014
5:30 pm

Ever wonder if you have a little Neanderthal in you? Joe Lorenz, a biological anthropologist from Central Washington University’s Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies, will discuss relationships between Neanderthals and anatomically modern Homo sapiens on Thursday.

Lorenz will explore whether Neanderthals and early modern humans interbred during his presentation Love in the Time of the Pleistocene at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, February 13 at CWU’s Museum of Culture and Environment in Dean Hall. He will explain what is known about the complicated and intimate relations between Neanderthals and early modern humans, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Image of two skulls facing each other with informative text superimposed.

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