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Current Exhibits

Sustenance: The Material Culture of Food (Through June 10, 2023)

Despite the “no food or drink” sign that you see at the door of our gallery, many of the 10,000 objects the CWU Museum of Culture & Environment (MCE) cares for were originally made for food: Gathering food, making food, storing food, and serving food.  This exhibit features many of these food-related tools, from communities around the world.


Animal Model: How a Tiny Worm Helps Us Understand the Human Brain, Feb. 15, 2023-Dec. 9, 2023 (a College of the Sciences “Window on Central” display!)

C. elegans, commonly referred to as the nematode, is a microscopic worm that lives in soils all around us. But scientists like CWU Biology professor Lucinda Carnell also grow C. elegans in their labs, since this tiny worm can be used as an “animal model,” a proxy for the human brain. In this exhibit, we learn about why C. elegans has been so important to neuroscience research—and how some of this research happens within our own university!

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.