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Multimodal Learning

DE Operator Guide

DE Initial Setup


Which panel is the Crestron and which panel is the Cisco?

The Crestron panel is the black panel that sits at the front of the classroom and controls the projector display, video conference options, and volume controls for the conference call. The Cisco panel is the white panel in the control room that allows you to accept calls from the other locations, and change the layout of the conference. 


Which layout setting should I select on the Cisco panel?

The Cisco panel provides three layout options: conference, local, and remote. The conference layout is good for discussions between locations, and will not share computer displays. The conference layout shows students to other students. The local layout is used when the instructor is at your location, and allows the instructor to see the students at the other DE sites. The remote layout is used when the instructor is at a different location. It focuses the cameras on the students for the video feed to be sent to the instructor's site. 


How do I fix it when the screens gray out? 

When the screens gray out, change the layout from its current setting and then back to the appropriate layout.


What should I do if the instructor wants to use a laptop?

If the instructor in your loacation wishes to share content from a laptop rather than the classroom computer, the instructor should plug the laptop into the connection port on the classroom desk. On the Crestron panel, select to share the "laptop" input rather than "PC" input. 


What should I do if the audio is not coming through?

If you can see that the other locations are speaking but you cannot hear them, double check that the system is not muted. The mute buttons can be found on the Crestron panel under the volume toggles. If this does not seem to help, try adjusting the receiver volume from the Crestron panel. 


How do I resolve issues with WebEx?

Help on resolving issues in WebEx can be found here:


How do I start a recording through WebEx?

If a recording has been started in Webex, the bottom corner will display a red dot with "recording...." If you do not see this message, you can click the record button and it should pop up. 


What do I need to do to proctor a test?

If you are needed to proctor a test, your DE supervisor will inform you. You will need to collect the tests from the department that manages the class and distribute them to students. Connect the conference call as normal. Sit at the front of the class and collect the tests from students as they finish. Return the tests to the appropriate department for grading. (Sometimes tests are to be left in the control room and picked up there later by somebody from that department.)

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