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Microphone Kits

vidpro shotgun microphone kit

This professional microphone kit includes everything you need to capture high-quality audio for interviews, promo videos, studio recording, and more! The aluminum alloy unidirectional shotgun microphone is durable and can be mounted onto a camera to make shooting easy. The kit also includes audio cables with multiple connectors, a wind muff, a foam wind shield, and a cushioned hand grip. 

samson go mic mobile

Samson Go Mic Mobile Instruction Manual

The first professional wireless microphone system that connects directly to mobile devices, the Samson Go Mic Mobile is perfect for live performance, audio for video, journalism, home video, and podcasting. Use the handheld microphone or attach the omnidirectional lavalier microphone and beltpack and connect to your iOS or Android device to start recording. The receiver offers a 100 foot recording radius and 13 hours of battery life to ensure uniterrupted creating. Where will you Go

zoom h2n handy recorder

Zoom H2N Handy Recorder Instruction Manual

With five built-in microphones and multiple recording modes, the H2N is great for live recording concerts, location videography, audio for YouTube videos, and as a USB device for input to recording software. Use the onboard effects such as compression, limiting, and the low-cut filter to add flair to your project or to compensate for problems in the recording environment. The H2N can record in WAV or MP3 file types and features more than 20 hours of continuous recording battery life, allowing for an uninterrupted creative flow. 

zoom h4n handy recorder

Zoom H4N Handy Recorder Instruction Manual

This rugged, lightweight, and versatile portable recorder is ideal for everything from recording live concerts to making music. Mount it to a DSLR for improved audio quality or to a tripod and use the onboard features such as compression, reverb, limiting, and guitar and bass amp modeling to create studio-quality recordings. Capable of recording in WAV or MP3 file formats and with more than 20 hours of continuous recording battery life, the H4N offers the opportunity for uninterrupted creative workflow. 

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