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Pathways: An Introductory Counseling Seminar


Pathways is an innovative educational program created by our Counseling Clinic.  Pathways is meant to accelerate the change process—such that students can achieve their greatest benefit from the brief counseling services available at CWU Counseling Clinic.

Pathways is not group therapy.  It is a curriculum driven workshop that has structure and specific learning objectives, with each seminar building on material from the preceding seminar.  The amount of personal sharing is limited and participants are not encouraged to talk about why they are seeking counseling.  We respect your right to privacy and designed the seminars with this in mind.  We do ask that you become personally engaged with the material presented in the three, 50-minute seminars, such that you can maximally benefit from the information.

Pathways is presented in a seminar format because students are accustomed to learning in a group setting and, through participation with other students, the concepts and ideas presented may actually become clearer and more personally meaningful.  Through participation you might come to the realization that other people can understand what you are experiencing, that you can learn from others, and that other students might share similar experiences as yours.

Pathways 101 introduces the practice of being mindful of what's going on within you in the moment. Often, if we are paying attention, we will find our minds wandering into the past or into the future. Being mindful of the present moment helps us to ground ourselves with what we are experiencing right now and what we need to do to take care of ourselves.

Pathways 102 introduces acceptance; specifically, open acceptance of our experiences. If you think about it, whatever our experiences are in this moment are exactly as they should be. Given our unique histories, the experiences we have couldn't be other than what they are. Of course, it's a lot easier to step back and accept unpleasant thoughts and feelings if we have some psychological space from which to observe and experience them, and this space is cultured through being mindful.

Finally, Pathways 103 introduces the concept of willingness. Willingness asks whether you are ready to stop struggling with your inner experiences (your thoughts, feelings, sensations), are ready to mindfully accept what shows up for you, and move yourself in a direction that gives your life meaning, value and purpose.


After you have completed the screening paperwork and spoken to a counselor you will most likely be enrolled in Pathways. At the completion of Pathways you will meet again with the counselor that conducted your screening. Your counselor will then talk to you about your experience of Pathways and collaborate with you about your next step in the counseling process.

If you have any questions or concerns about the counseling process please contact the counselor that completed the screening with you.

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