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Student Medical & Counseling Clinic

Central Washington University

Central Washington University is one of six accredited, state-supported institutions of higher education. Serving approximately 10,000 students (on the Ellensburg campus), CWU offers baccalaureate and graduate degrees in more than 90 academic programs. The administration, faculty, and staff place a strong emphasis on a liberal arts based general education. Instruction is organized into degree and certificate programs that provide theoretical and practical education in the arts, sciences, professional and technical fields, education, business, applied sciences, and engineering technologies.

Unlike most state universities, class size is relatively small at CWU. With most classes enrolling less than 100 students, instruction focuses on the provision of educational material in a more personal, interactive environment. Of the approximately 8,400 students matriculated at CWU, about 3000 live in university housing. The university does not endorse fraternities or sororities.

The student body is relatively diverse, with students representing a variety of social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. The most current statistics indicate that 19.4% of our students identify with one or more ethnic minority statuses. The largest ethnic group on campus is Hispanic with 12.5%, followed by multi-racial, 6.2%; Asian/Pacific Islander, 5.5%; African-American, 3.1%; and American Indian/Alaska Native, .5%. In addition, 1.9% of our student population is comprised of international students. Approximately 34% of our university population is first generation college students. Five to six percent of students are identified as having a federally-qualified disability. An estimated 10% of CWU students identify as LGBTQI. The statistics for ethnic minority students who seek services at our center mirror the university-wide statistics very closely; formal mechanisms are not in place to measure other diversity memberships, but informal discussions of our caseloads indicate our clients mirror the university population across most demographic variables

The main University campus is located in the City of Ellensburg. Situated in the heart of Washington State, Ellensburg is only a two-hour drive from Seattle. With a population of roughly 16,000 residents, Ellensburg and the surrounding area boasts one of the richest agricultural regions in the State of Washington. Nested in the stunningly beautiful Kittitas Valley, Ellensburg is also the hub of one of the Northwest's prime recreational areas providing plentiful opportunities for skiing, hiking, backpacking, fishing and riding. One of the personal benefits of completing your internship at CWU is the opportunity to take advantage of this incredible area of the country.

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