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Counseling Services

Brief Therapy

The goal of our Counseling Clinic is to provide services to all CWU students who seek counseling.  Since all students (registered for 6 or more credits for the quarter) pay the Medical, Counseling and Wellness fee, the only way to be able to serve that many students is to use a brief treatment format, focused on helping a student grow enough to assist him/her to function on their own in their life at Central.  We believe that most students are resilient and have resources to help them grow and succeed.  We begin by determining specific goals for growth that would improve the student’s coping skills, and can serve as a foundation for further growth in the future.  Therapist and client together will determine how many sessions will be needed to complete that work.  Principles of brief treatment include counseling as episodic rather than continuous, keeping the focus on a key issue or concern, taking time to consolidate gains made, and returning at a later date for further counseling if needed or desired.  We will work together in the first couple of sessions to set a counseling focus meeting your needs, check on progress towards achieving the aim of counseling, and regularly plan to complete our work together within our agreed upon number of sessions.

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