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McNair Scholars

Current Scholars

2018-2019 Cohort


Autumn Adams


Mentor: Dr. Jessica Amason
Research: Shattering the Veil: A Reclamation of Indigenous Female Identity in Higher Education



Leanna Chard


Mentor: Dr. Lene Pederson
Research: Just Listen: Visual Expression of Inner Suffering


Jadvir Gill


Mentor: Dr. James Avey
Research: How does abusive supervision hurt employees? The mediating role of positive psychological capital.

Anna Gomez

Law and Justice

Mentor: Dr. Roger Schafer
Research: Qualitative and Descriptive Analysis of Vocational and Educational Program in Female Penitentiaries


Leni Halaapiapi

Computer Science

Mentor: Dr. Donald Davendra
Research: Implementing Chaotic Systems with the Firefly Algorithm to Solve Optimization Problems


Jesse Lopez


Mentor: Dr. Erin Craig
Research: Simulating Neural Action Potentials at the Molecular Level



Alejandra Lopez

Law and Justice/Spanish

Mentor: Dr. Charles Reasons
Research: Analysis of Structural Violence Faced by Mexican Immigrants



Jennifer Magaña


Mentor: Dr. April Binder
Research: Role of Claudin Gene Expression in Development of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Juan Mendoza


Mentor: Dr. Jean Marie Linhart
Research: Modeling the Historic Global Populations


Morgan Rodriguez


Mentor: Dr. Timothy Beng
Research: Direct Access to Lactam-Fused Lactones by Stereoselective and Regiodivergent Halolactonization of Allylic Lactamoyl Acids


Olivia Vasquez


Mentor: Dr. Dominic Klyve
Research: On Leonhard Euler's Work in Diophantine Equations



2019-2020 Cohort


Akrem Dawed

Electronics Engineering

Mentor: TBA
Research: TBA


Sean Dawson


Mentor: Dr. Fabry Levente
Research: TBA


Alex Harrington

Political Science

Mentor: TBA
Research: TBA


Grace Keller


Mentor:Dr. Holly Pinkart/Dr. Mary Poulson
Research: TBA


SaFyre Reese


Mentor: TBA
Research: TBA


Matthew Shreve

Music Composition

Mentor: Dr. Martin Kennedy/Dr. Gayla Blaisdell
Research: TBA


Bridget Smith


Mentor: TBA
Research: TBA


Simone Tuilaepa


Mentor: TBA
Research: TBA



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