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McNair Scholars

2020 Scholars


2019-2020 Cohort

Akrem Dawed

Electronics Engineering

Mentor: Jeff Wilcox
Research: An investigation of the Effects of a Photo Up-converter in the Efficiency of a Silicon Semi-conductor Solar Cell

Sean Dawson

Chemistry & Biology

Mentor: Dr. Fabry Levente
Research: Optimizing the Procedure for the Synthesis of Pinacol Boronates, Important Common Precursors to Several Potential HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors

Alex Harrington

Political Science

Mentor: Salam Awad
Research: Solidarity Between the Israeli Black Panther Party and the Palestine Liberation Organization


Hannah Huber


Mentor: Dr. Levente Fabry
Research: Exploratory Synthesis of Boron Modified Amino Acids and their Analogs: Building Blocks for Potential Enzyme Inhibitors

Guadalupe Martinez

Social Services

Mentor: Dr. Sandra Galta
Research: Crime by Race By Punishment

SaFyre Reese

Molecular & Cell Biology

Mentor: Dr. April Binder &
Dr. Holly Pinkart
Research: Microbiome of Transgenic NAG-1 Mice

Matthew Shreve

Music Composition

Mentor: Dr. Martin Kennedy & Dr. Gayla Blaisdell
Research: To compose and perform a one-act chamber opera based on a short-story written by a colleague and to be performed as part of my senior composition recital.

Kollin Trujillo

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Mentor: Dr. Derek Ricketson
Research: Investigation of the Roles of 1-Mgml in Mitochondrial Inner Membrane Fusion

Simone Tuilaepa


Mentor: Dr. Laurie Moshier
Research: Unbehagen: The Non-Ethnic German Experience as Influenced by Social and Political Factors


Katie Paccia 


Mentor: Dr. Wendy Williams
Research: Defying Gravity: Experiences of Students with Challenges

Jasmin Washington

Public Health

Mentor: Dr. Jill Hoxmeier
Research: Strength Under Pressure: Identifying the Role of Superwomen Schema (SWS) on Rated of Reporting Intimate Partner Violence (IVP) Through the Historical Experiences of Black Women


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