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Mathematics Department
Samuelson Hall
Room 208
(509) 963-2103

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

The official and most-up-to-date course descriptions for the math department can be found in the Online Electronic Catalog. To see all the courses in the catalog click here


All course outcomes are filed in the Office of the Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies.

Placement Information

Completion of a prerequisite course at the college level with a C (2.0) or better will allow a student to enroll in mathematics courses. If you wish to enroll in a course but do not have the prerequisite course, you may place into the following courses using scores on placement tests. For the particular test and score you need, please refer to the Testing Center for more information.

Course Schedule

Some math department courses are only held in specific quarters.

Please note: Talking with a math department advisor is the best way to make sure you are on schedule to graduate. Please click on the program and contact your advisor if you have any questions! 


Here is an initial listing, for your reference when planning course schedules.

200 level courses

Fall Winter Spring
Math 232    
Math 299s    

300 level courses

Fall Winter Spring
  Math 306 Math 306
    Math 309
Math 314   Math 316
Math 330   Math 330
Math 332 Math 335 Math 337
  Math 351 Math 365
  Math 355 Math 371
Math 360 Math 361  
Math 376 Math 376  
  Math 377 Math 377

400 level courses

Fall Winter Spring
Math 405 Math 406  
Math 410A Math 410B  
Math 411A Math 411B Math 411C
  Math 416A Math 416B
Math 417A Math 417B Math 417C
Math 418A Math 418B Math 418C
Math 419A Math 419B  
Math 440   Math 430
  Math 455 Math 456
Math 461 Math 462  
  Math 471 Math 472
Math 475 Math 476 Math 477
  Math 499s Math489A
    Math 498

You can also visit the University Catalog for a more complete list of course schedules.




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