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College of the Sciences

Student Activities

Actuarial Club

The actuary club participates in a number of events during the academic year. In the past, the club has hosted meetings with representatives from Safeco Life Insurance, Avandel Insurance, William M. Mercer Co., Premera / Blue Cross and PEMCO Insurance.

To find out what is happening with the club this year, please contact Dr. Kathy Temple.

Online Actuary Resources



Math Club

The Math Club is an on-campus club for the furthering of mathematics outside of the classroom.It is a club intended for anyone who might have an interest in mathematics including mathematics majors. Our primary goal is to provide an environment that will foster a math-friendly environment not only for our members, but for the greater Ellensburg community as well.

We are build our mathematical community by offering guest presentations on fun mathematical topics, opportunities to support students applying to STEM graduate schools, travel opportunities to local mathematical conferences, career choice information panels on fields relating to mathematics, and opportunities for community service.

Information about upcoming Math Club activities can be found at the Math Club Facebook page



The Mathematical Contest in Modeling

MCM is a contest where teams of undergraduates use mathematical modeling to present their solutions to real world problems. The MCM traditionally takes place in February.

Past Teams

The following is a list of past teams who participated in the MCM at CWU. You can find information about the problems they solved at Stuart Boersma's MCM Page.

Honorable Mention: Samuel Darda, Riley Krall and Rachel Walker
Successful Participant: Sara L Hanold, Amber Goodrich, Geoff La Brant
Meritorious Entry: Brandon Belieu, Russell Hess, Kyle Mitchell
Successful Participant: Amber Goodrich, Alisha Zimmer
Honorable Mention: Blair Sherman, Alisha Zimmer, Melissa Thompson
Meritorious Entry: Amy Eglin, Blair Sherman, Fredrick Lieske III
Meritorious Entry: Amy Eglin, Andrew Musselman, Nicholas Stanford
Meritorious Entry & Ben Fussaro Award: Seth Miller, Dustin Mixon, Jonathan Pickett
Meritorious Entry: Erik Langland, Seth Miller, Jonathan Pickett
Successful Participant: Marion Andrin, Jonathan Pickett, Evan Yates
Successful Participant: Sean Baxter, Erik Langland, Andrew McNeil

Online MCM Resources

Contact Information

Dr. Jean Marie Linhart


Putnam Competition

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is an annual contest for college students established in 1938 in memory of its namesake. Cash prizes for the top five teams in recent years ranged from $25,000 to $5,000. Recent cash prizes for the top five individuals have been $2,500 each. The Putnam is traditionally held in December.

Online Putnam Resources

Contact Information

Dr. Jim Bisgard


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