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Mathematics Department
Samuelson Hall
Room 208
(509) 963-2103

Jean Marie Linhart

Jean Marie Linhart just found a geocache.  Thumbs up!Jean Marie Linhart, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Central Washington University

Email: -- I am very good about promptly replying to email, but occasionally I put something off for later and then forget.  So please give me a business day to respond, and then make a second inquiry.

Phone: I am working from home because of COVID-19.  Please send an email.

Office: Samuelson 221B (far west wall, near NW corner)

Office Hours: Email for an appointment

Do you want to apply for a Math Minor? Dr. Bisgard took this over for 2020-2021 academic year.  Start by emailing that you are interested in applying for a math minor and send 1) Your ID number, 2) Your major 3) An address to use on the form, 4) A phone number to use on the form. 

All other advising issues: please email Dr. Bisgard:

Discrete Mathematics (Math 330): The texbook we use is the 2015 edition of Mathematics for Computer Science by Eric Leighton, F. Thompson Leighton, and Albert R. Meyer.  It is published under a Creative Commons License, and other editions are available through MIT OpenCourseware.

Research: I research mathematical modeling scenarios using differential equations, in particular how to use these scenarios in teaching.  Most of my work is a mixture of mathematical calculations and programming work on a computer to get numerical results. Some recent publications:

Mastery-Based Testing to Promote Learning: Experiences with Discrete Mathematics. (PRIMUS)

Using the United States Census Data to Introduce Differential equations. (PRIMUS)

Ballistics Modeling with a Sponge Dart (SIMIODE)

United States Census Modeling (SIMIODE)

Potential mechanisms of coexistence between two globally important Pseudo-nitzschia (Bacillariophyta) species (Hydrobiologia)

Here's some information about some of my research geared toward undergraduates:

Mathematical Competition in Modeling: I have acted as advisor for CWU's Mathematical Competition in Modeling team from 2018-2021.  We have had outstanding results!  If you are interested in forming a team or being on a team, please send me an email!

About me: e-Portfolio


Guide to working with others and using outside resources.

How to email your instructor. This should be obvious, but go ahead and get the refresher before sending the email.  You and I may both be grateful.

Success at math! You want success, and I want you to have success.  Here are some of the steps to get there.


Personal Information: I like to ride my bike in my spare time.  I also like reading, hiking, geocaching, and writing.  For more information on road bicycling in Ellensburg check out the Facebook page of The ReCycle Shop (local bike shop).  For more information on mountain biking in Ellensburg check out the Ellensburg Mountain Bike Alliance and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.  For more information on geocaching, check out












Courses Taught   

  • Math 260
  • Math 272
  • Math 273
  • Math 330
  • Math 335
  • Math 376
  • Math 377
  • Math 475
  • Math 565
  • Math 567 

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