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Welcome to the Kittitas Valley Math Circle Program. We would love you to be a mentor volunteer with our program. What does that entail... check out the video to learn more (2.5 mins).


Participating undergrad Math Circle mentors commit to:

  • participating in Math Circle Mentor training:
    • Fall Training:  Sept 29, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
    • Winter Training: January 22, 6:00 - 9:00 pm
    • Spring Training: April 9 6:00-9:00 pm
  • Assist at Math Circle sessions
    • Elementary sessions: Tuesdays 6-8 PM
      • Fall 2018 (Oct 2 - Oct 30). Topic: Math and Literature.
      • Winter 2019 (Jan 29 - Feb 26).  Topic: Math and Legos.
      • Spring 2019 (Apr 16- May 14). Topic: Math and Magic.
    • Spanish sessions: Mondays 6-8 PM
      • TUESDAYS Fall 2018 (Oct 2 - Oct 30). Topic: Math and Literature. (participate in the elementary program for Math Circle training)
      • Otoño de 2018 (del 5 al 26 de noviembre). (Fall 2018, Nov 5-26)
      • Invierno 2019 (28 de enero - 4 de marzo). (Winter 2019, Jan 28 - Mar 4.  Not on Feb 18)
      • Primavera 2019 (8 de abril - 6 de mayo). (Spring 2019, Apr 8 - May 6)
    • Note: Math Circle Mentor policy requires that all mentors take less than 18 credits of coursework during any quarter they are volunteering. If you have concerns about this please contact Dr. Brandy. 

Math Circle Mentor Orientation

If you are interested in being a Math Circle Mentor we ask that you watch this 30-minute orientation video that discusses the expectations we have for our mentors. After the video you can apply for the program and we'll look forward to having you participate. 

Math Circle Mentor applications


To apply for the Math Circle Mentorship program please: 

  1. Watch the Math Circle Mentor Orientation Video
  2. Click Here for the online Mentor Google Application Form




Kittitas Valley Math Circle Leadership

Kittitas Valley Math Circle is sponsored by The Central Washington University College of the Sciences, Central Washington University Department of Mathematics and the National Association of Math Circles. This project was partially supported by the MAA Tensor grant, the CESME Faculty Program of Central Washington University, and the National Association of Math Circles Math Circle Mentorship Grant program.

  • Dr. Brandy Wiegers is the Director of KVMC
  • Dr. Emilie Hancock and Dr. Brent Hancock coordinate the elementary programs.
  • Dr. Dominic Klyve coordinates the Spanish program.
  • Dr. Janet Shiver and Dr. Allyson Rogan-Kylve coordinate the Parent / Guardian Program.


Questions about Kittitas Valley Math Circle Mentorship?

Contact KVMC Director: Dr. Brandy Wiegers,  


Phone: 509-963-2125

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