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Math Honors

Student Work

Students in the Central Math Honors program have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research, community service, and other life events that contribute to their understanding of the global picture of mathematics. Below we will share their success.

Current Students

  • Jasmine James - Applied Mathematics major
  • Kieran Cook - Mathematics major. 

2022 Math Honors Tuition Waiver Graduates

  • Cameron Bundy - Applied Mathematics major, Economics minor. Math Honors Certificate recipient. 
  • Yvette Morales - Applied Mathematics major
  • Andrew Skirko - Applied Mathematics major

2021 Math Honors Tuition Waiver Graduates

  • Vanessa Montano - Applied Mathematics major, Computer Science minor. Math Honors Certificate recipient. 
  • Tavis Peterson - Applied Mathematics major and Physics minor. 
  • Kimberly Wiles - Mathematics major with Computer Science minor. Math Honors Certificate recipient. 
  • Sam Wilson - Middle-Level Mathematics Teaching major, STEM Teaching minor, Women's Gender & Sexuality minor, Accessibility Studies minor, and Math Honors Certificate recipient. 


2020 Math Honors Tuition Waiver Graduates

  • Rebecca Martin - Applied Mathematics major. Math Honors Certificate recipient. 
  • Stacey Meekhof - Applied Mathematics major, Biology major. 
  • Leonardo Pastor - Education Major
  • Rachel Walker - Mathematics major and Computer Science minor. 


2019 Math Honors Tuition Waiver Graduates

  • Gary Epp - Applied Mathematics and Secondary Education major.
  • Olivia Vasquez - Mathematics major
  • Gregory Gadow - Created independent study in mathematics and statistics.
  • Amber Jefferson-  Secondary Education major.


2018 Math Honors Tuition Waiver Graduates

    • Tracy Van Lone - Middle-Level Mathematics Teaching major with Mathematics minor.
    • Stephanie Garcia - Mathematics major with a Spanish minor.
    • Andrew Miller - Applied Mathematics major.
    • Emily Ivie - Mathematics and Secondary Education major.
    • Amanda Johnson - Mathematics major.


    2017 Math Honors Tuition Waiver Graduates

      • Juliana Joy -  Mathematics major with Computer Science minor.
      • Dylan Whitaker - Mathematics major.


      2016 Math Honors Tuition Waiver Graduates

      • Ben Freeman - Double major in Mathematics and Physics. Ben was also the chair of the Math Club. 
      • Rick Gilsrud - Double major in Mathematics and Political Science.
      • Luke Campbell - Physics major with math minor. 
      • Albany Thompson, Mathematics major.

      Talks given by CWU Honors Students:

      • SOURCE 2021. Vanessa Montano
      • SOURCE 2021. Kim Wiles
      • SOURCE 2021. Sam Wilson
      • SACNAS 2020. Vanessa Montano
      • SOURCE 2020. Rebecca Martin
      • Pacific Northwest MAA 2018 Sectional Meeting. Gary Epp.
      • 2018 Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics. Stephanie Garcia. 
      • SOURCE 2016. Luke Campbell
      • Pacific Northwest MAA 2016 Sectional Meeting. Luke Campbell
      • SOURCE 2015. Albany Thompson. 


      Total hours of service (as of Spring 2021): more than 1000

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