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Math Honors

Student Capstone Project

A final requirement of the Central Math Honors program is the submission of a capstone project. This project will represent 100 hours of individual work by a student studying a mathematical topic.  This doesn’t need to result in a new discovery in the field of mathematics, nor should it be a replication of existing work. Instead, the project is a time to dedicate to individually pursuing mathematical knowledge with the support of faculty members.

Defining the project focus. The Honors Capstone project is an ideal time to explore mathematical topics not typically covered in Central’s curriculum including classes not taught or topics that are not explored in depth.  We recommend that students first find a math faculty member to advise them on the topic and work on the project. Then the student and faculty mentor can work together to narrow the focus and write the project proposal.

Level of commitment. A good project will be approximately 100 hours of work ( 5 hours of work a week for 2 quarters).  It is anticipated the student and project mentor would meet weekly to follow up on the student's progress, thus Individual Study credit would be appropriate during the students’ work on the project.

We ask that any student who is planning to graduate with honors submit a Capstone Project Application (.pdf) by the start of the Fall quarter of their graduating year.  The application will be reviewed by the Honors program and regular feedback on the progress will be expected.  In addition, by submitting an application you are committing to complete a capstone project, submit the project to the CWU Math Honors Committee, and present the final project at Central SOURCE in Spring. 

Students interested in doing undergraduate research should contact Dr. Brandy Wiegers to ask her more about finding a faculty member to work with. Also, check out these tips for finding summer undergraduate research projectsWhy should you do undergraduate research


Math Honor Certificate Capstone Projects

Recipient Capstone Project Title Project Mentor Video
Vanessa Montano (2021) Investigating Mathematical Hormone Models for Human Ovulation Dr. Brandy Wiegers Click Here
Kimberly Wiles (2021) Cryptology, Mathematics, Encryption Dr. Stuart Boersma Click Here
Sam Wilson (2021) Understanding STEM Faculty Motivation for Conducting Education Research Dr. Emilie Hancock Click Here
Rebecca Martin (2020) Exploring the evidence of climate change through snowfall over the Washington Cascades Dr. Brandy Wiegers  


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