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Math Honors

The Mathematics Honors program is an exciting program designed to deepen the experience of Central Washington University mathematics undergraduates,  introducing those students to the world of mathematics beyond the classroom while providing excellent preparation for graduate school or for work in a mathematical field.  

Students in the Central Math Honors program have the opportunity to participate in quarterly seminars, regular community service, and undergraduate scholarship. All of these opportunities contribute to students' understanding of the global picture of mathematics. Graduating with honors isn't just an honor, it's an opportunity to create a broader undergraduate mathematical experience.

Learn more about each of these honors opportunities below.

1. Seminars

New opportunities each quarter for a 1-credit honors seminar which will include guided exploration of engaging mathematical topics. In these seminars our students:

  • Explore areas of math not often studied at the undergraduate level.
  • Get training in speaking and writing in mathematics.
  • Study the history and philosophy of the field.
  • Pursue and publish new research with CWU professors.

Check out our seminars page to learn more!  

Note: Math Honors Seminars are open to all students.

2. Service

Engaging the greater Ellensburg community in mathematical experiences.

In order to stay in good standing, a Math Honors students does at least 10 hours of math outreach service every quarter. Service projects include volunteering at the Kittitas Valley Math Circle, tutoring K-12 students, helping at mathematics festivals, working with the Central Math Club, and supporting other fun events!

Check out the Service section to learn more. 

3. Scholarship

Personalized undergraduate mathematical experiences.

Math Honors students in good standing who have completed at least six quarters of the Honors Seminar have the option to work one-on-one with a faculty member pursuing an individual study of a mathematical topic and to graduate with “Honors in Mathematics".

Check out the Capstone Project to learn more. 


To become a member of the math honors program a student must meet with the Math Honors director and then complete the online application.

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