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Math Honors

CWU Math Honors Seminars

The math department offers two honors seminars every quarter, providing opportunities for our students to delve into topics in mathematics that are not covered in typical coursework.  Check out the information below to learn more about current honors seminars and past seminar topics.

Upcoming Honors Seminars - 2021 - 2022

Note that starting in Fall 2020 there will be a change to the offerings for the 207/407 courses. 

  • Math 407 will only be offered Fall, Winter, and Spring.
  • Math 207 will only be offered Winter. 
Quarter Quarter/ Course Course Description Course Instructor
Fall 2021 Math 407 Iteration, Fractals, and Chaos Dr. Montgomery
Winter 2022 Math 207 TBA Dr. Wiegers
Math 407 TBA Dr. Temple
Spring 2022 Math 407 TBA Dr. Klyve

Check out the topics and times below to learn more.

Math 407, Fall 2021: Iteration, Fractals, and Chaos (91653)

Monday 12:00 - 12:50. Instructor: Dr. Montgomery.

The class will look at how simple procedures can lead to chaotic behavior. The course will begin with the Newton Raphson Method for finding roots of functions of real numbers and explore how this leads to fractal sets on the real line. We will then look at what happens when the method is applied to functions of complex variables. From there, we will explore the Mandelbrot Set and its relation to the bifurcation diagram of the logistic map as well as various Julia sets. All required background for functions of complex variables will be included in the course. The course will also include a Python programming component, but will not assume you have any programming experience (you will be given complete Python programs and will only need to adjust parameters). 

Prerequisites: Math 172. 

Past Seminar Topics have included:

Lower-Division (Math 207)

  • Mathematics for Human Flourishing (Winter 2021, Temple)
  • Mathematical Iterations (Spring 2020, Boersma)
  • Mental Math (Winter 2020, Klyve)
  • The Math of Recreational Games (Fall 2019, Montgomery)
  • The Mathematics of Voting and Elections (Spring 2019, Boersma)
  • Math and Fiber Arts (Winter 2019, Temple)
  • Mechanical Computation (Fall 2018, Montgomery)
  • Mathematical Knot Games (Spring 2018, Wiegers)
  • Project Euler (Winter 2018, Linhart)
  • Mathematics of Social Justice (Fall 2017, Klyve)
  • Iteration (Spring 2017, Boersma)
  • Mathematics of the Game of Set (Winter 2017, Bisgard)
  • Probability Games (Fall 2016, Wiegers)
  • Math at Central Fieldtrip Seminar (Spring 2016, Wiegers)
  • Creating Contextual Problems (Winter 2016, Miller)
  • Mathematical Patterns  (Fall 2015, Wiegers)
  • Triangles
  • Number Theory
  • Weird Numbers
  • Recursive Functions
  • Intuitive Topology


Upper Division (Math 407)

  • Iteration, Fractals, and Chaos (Fall 2021, Montgomery)
  • The Early Breaking of Enigma (Spring 2021, Boersma)
  • Gödel, Escher, Bach (Part 1) by D. Hofstadter (Winter 2021, Wiegers)
  • Game, SET, Math!  (Fall 2020, Boersma)
  • Mathematical Biology (Winter 2020, Wiegers)
  • Applied Mathematics (Fall 2019, Wiegers)
  • Astrodynamics (Spring 2019, Montgomery)
  • Singular Value Decomposition (Winter 2019, Bisgard)
  • Math Meets the Real World (Fall 2018, Linhart)
  • Mathematical Knot Theory Questions (Spring 2018, Klyve)
  • Elliptical Curves (Winter 2018, Boersma)
  • Putnam Exam Preparation/ Problem Solving (Fall 2017, Bisgard)
  • Fractals Everywhere! (Spring 2017, Fassett)
  • Math and Art (Winter 2017, Wiegers)
  • Putnam Exam Preparation/ Problem Solving (Fall 2016, Bisgard)
  • Three-Dimensional Printing (Spring 2016, Wiegers)
  • Gödel, Escher, Bach (Part 1) by D. Hofstadter (Winter 2016, Wiegers)
  • Fractals and Chaos (Fall 2015, Fassett)
  • The sum-of-divisors function
  • Model Theory and Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem
  • Partially-ordered Sets

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